And Then My Phone Blew Up


I have a smartphone.

{I don’t say that to impress you.  You probably do, too.}

I was fairly late to the technology party, but now I’m not sure how I could possibly live without it.  What are my email passwords?  No idea.  Messages just magically show up on my phone.  What is my husband’s phone number?  Not totally sure.  I just tap the picture of his face and it calls him.  When is that trip scheduled again?  Let me check.  What’s the address to the place we’re going?  Hold on a sec.  I got it. Continue reading

Pillow Talk in Real Life

We’ve been married for nine years.  And every night for the last nine years, we’ve had the following conversation.

I’m not even exaggerating.

Husband:  {sleeping on his back, breathing loudly}

Me:  Roll over, you’re snoring.

Husband:  Okay.  {no movement}

Me:  Please roll over, you’re snoring.

Husband:  Okay.  {no movement}

Me:  {swift kick across the bed}  Roll over!  You’re snoring!

Husband:  No I was not!  I’m not even sleeping yet!  {rolls over.  problem solved.}

It’s well-documented {meaning mommy-blogs across the web have confirmed that this is a widespread epidemic} that men just drift off to sleep before their head even hits the pillow, while women lie awake for hours thinking about the next day’s tasks, rehashing an awkward conversation with a friend, and planning our children’s futures. Continue reading

Guest Post: Start Your Journey to Ignite Mommy Energy

It’s a fun place, the blogosphere.  It has its share of crazies and there are certainly plenty of places to incite your rage or drive you bananas, but it’s also a place to find support and meet wonderful people that you likely never would have in real life.  One inspiring person that I’ve met is Liz McGrory, who I am honored to host today as she’s on her Virtual Book Tour for her recently released title, Igniting Mommy Energy!  She’s sharing her wisdom on how we can get started tapping into our Mommy Energy and make sure we’re experiencing joy on our working motherhood journey.  Welcome, Liz!

liz headshot 2 web

I went on a long journey to become a Confident-Joyful Working Mom.  I have many stories about how I rolled through emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Fear, and Guilt.   In the end, I landed in a state of Joy.  Then my Mommy Energy ignited!  Anything was possible!  Like writing a book.  So I did!

Wait, let me explain what Mommy Energy is. Continue reading

Summer Priorities


Sometimes, when life happens, blogging does not.  For the past two weeks we’ve had swim lessons every day after work, it’s been 88 degrees in our living room, and I’ve found myself putting aside the computer in favor of a little evening R & R with the fam. Continue reading

Beyond “Work Or Stay Home?”: The Three Questions To Ask


Oh, {expletive}, I’m going to have to go through labor.” 

I’ll be totally honest.  That was the very first thing that popped into my head when I found out I was expecting for the first time.  If you know me personally you know I don’t typically use four-letter words, so that gives you a pretty clear picture of how freaked out I was about the labor process.

I’m sure you have your own memory of your initial, visceral reaction to that moment.  Your thoughts were probably varied and based on your circumstances and personality: surprise, excitement, elation, fear, confusion…maybe a mix of different feelings.

Though our experiences are all unique, what we likely have in common was that our very first thought was probably NOT “Will I go back to work or stay home?

Continue reading


pencil-152713_640Working mamas, we’ve all had that moment.

You know the one.  When the doubt creeps in, you feel that slow squeeze around your heart, and the voice in your head whispers “Am I doing the right thing?  Am I harming my kids in some way?  Would they be better off if I didn’t work?

And then we get those moments that assure us, “They are happy, they are loved, they are safe, they are fine.”

My moment of assurance came the week before school let out.  Continue reading

Why Daycare Isn’t “Raising My Kids”


This post has been drafted in my head for awhile, but after reading a fantastic post last week from Breadwinning Mama on the worst thing you can say to a working mom, I felt like it was time to finally get it written. 

Sometimes, we’re a little over-sensitive and read too much into innocuous comments about daycare or working motherhood.  Other times, people make unintentionally hurtful comments coming from a genuinely well-intentioned but unaware place because they feel completely called to the homefront and couldn’t imagine life any other way.  And more often than not, miscommunication happens because both of the above scenarios happen at the same time.

Other people are just downright wrong about it.

These are the people who proclaim that women “throw their kids in daycare for someone else to raise.

Who else has a rage headache? Continue reading


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