You Will Always Second Guess Yourself

I felt very strongly about keeping my son out of daycare once he started kindergarten, and it wasn’t just about the cost.

I don’t want to stay at work after I’m done for the day.  Why should I do that to Conlan?

Plus, truth be told, I wanted him to ride the bus.  He loves the bus.  What little kid doesn’t?  Ever since he could talk he chattered about how once he was old enough he would be able to ride the school bus.  I think he was looking forward to that part more than the actual kindergarten experience. Continue reading

The Two-Child Tipping Point


Years ago I read Mommy Wars.  And in one of the articles (I can’t remember which one) there was a brief mention of a working mom phenomenon.  Apparently moms can figure out how to manage as the parent of one child, but once they have a second, it sends them over the edge.  This wasn’t a major message within the book – just a passing comment – but as happens sometimes, that little nugget of information wiggled its way deep into my brain and set up long-term residence.
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What If They Can’t?


Every year, it happens.  Shortly before the start of the new school year, posts start flying around the blogosphere about encouraging your kid to be kind to others.  To befriend the friendless.  To be the shining beacon of light in their classroom.

To teach them that their character matters far more than their achievement.

This year was no different. Continue reading

Friends, I Think We’re Gonna Make It

blackboard-148588_1280 copy

Let’s start off with a bit of housekeeping stuff.  I’m seriously considering changing the name of this blog to Family. Work. Kindergarten. because obviously that now consumes all of my emotional energy and I can no longer write about anything else.

But I probably won’t because it seems like a lot of work.  Anyway.

I have some good news on the kindergarten front.  We’re going to survive!  Last Wednesday I got the teeniest little glimpse that things were looking up and every day since then has improved.  But let me back up. Continue reading


Do you ever catch yourself wondering, When, exactly, did life get so complicated?

When did it start going downhill?

Well, I’ll tell you.  It started when you turned five.


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I know other mommies survive kindergarten…


…but as of today, I’m not sure I’m going to be one of them.

I’m not one to be a drama queen, and I don’t want to be one of those annoying women who turns everything into a crisis.  I didn’t set out to make kindergarten this big of a deal (except for my boy, because for him it’s a SUPER BIG DEAL) but this whole thing has literally been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I’m weary. Continue reading

Filling in the Gaps

My firstborn, he started Kindergarten this week.


He’s far too logical to get caught up in anxiety or tears.  He knew exactly what he was supposed to do, what to expect, and what was expected of him – and thus was just ready to get on about the business of hopping on that bus.

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