Do you ever catch yourself wondering, When, exactly, did life get so complicated?

When did it start going downhill?

Well, I’ll tell you.  It started when you turned five.


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I know other mommies survive kindergarten…


…but as of today, I’m not sure I’m going to be one of them.

I’m not one to be a drama queen, and I don’t want to be one of those annoying women who turns everything into a crisis.  I didn’t set out to make kindergarten this big of a deal (except for my boy, because for him it’s a SUPER BIG DEAL) but this whole thing has literally been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Filling in the Gaps

My firstborn, he started Kindergarten this week.


He’s far too logical to get caught up in anxiety or tears.  He knew exactly what he was supposed to do, what to expect, and what was expected of him – and thus was just ready to get on about the business of hopping on that bus.

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I’m Either Terribly Indecisive or Just Learning Hard Lessons


There’s a story being written right now, but I guess it’s still in draft form because the ending keeps changing.

A couple of months ago we started playing with the idea of putting our house on the market.  Without boring you with the details, it seemed like a great idea.  Not one to jump into things lightly, I drafted budgets, thought through timelines, and researched housing prices.  Even after all that, it still seemed like a great idea. Continue reading

Giveaway: Absolute Green Natural Bug Repellent

Review opportunities pop up in my in-box with regularity.  The vast majority just get deleted because I’m not going to review something just for the sake of reviewing it.

However, y’all know how I feel about camping.  This is something we do.  Often.

And with camping comes bugs.  {This is the part of camping that I like the least.}

So when I was given the opportunity to review a natural, deet-free mosquito repellent from Absolute Green, I jumped on it.


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Four Ways Hormones Mess You Up After Giving Birth


You all know that I don’t believe in fearing the future or warning moms of the awful stages to come, filling them with dread and robbing them of the joy of today.

Still, you also know that I believe in living life openly, authentically, and honestly.  Life around here is real.

And so it’s in that spirit that I’m sharing this today.  Not as a warning, but more of a “things-I-wish-I-would-have-known” for another mama out there who might be waiting for her little one to arrive.

We’ve all heard about the baby blues, but those postpartum hormones showed up in some really unexpected ways in the days immediately following the births of my kids. Continue reading

I Have No Memories To Show You


It’s no secret that life has been a little crazy around here.  And normally, after a time such as this, I come back here and show you in pictures what we’ve been up to.

But I can’t do that today. Continue reading


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