Four Ways Hormones Mess You Up After Giving Birth


You all know that I don’t believe in fearing the future or warning moms of the awful stages to come, filling them with dread and robbing them of the joy of today.

Still, you also know that I believe in living life openly, authentically, and honestly.  Life around here is real.

And so it’s in that spirit that I’m sharing this today.  Not as a warning, but more of a “things-I-wish-I-would-have-known” for another mama out there who might be waiting for her little one to arrive.

We’ve all heard about the baby blues, but those postpartum hormones showed up in some really unexpected ways in the days immediately following the births of my kids. Continue reading

I Have No Memories To Show You


It’s no secret that life has been a little crazy around here.  And normally, after a time such as this, I come back here and show you in pictures what we’ve been up to.

But I can’t do that today. Continue reading

Forget the Labels. They’re Not For You Anyway.


Let me begin by saying that I really dislike the term “working mom.”  I use it often enough, because colloquially everyone knows exactly who I’m referring to when I say it, but if I’m being thoughtful with my words I usually choose to say “moms in the workforce.”

I equally loathe the term “stay-at-home mom.”  It attempts to imply the polar opposite of the “working mom” – except that there is a whole swath of “working moms” who don’t actually leave the house to go to work, and a whole bunch of “stay-at-home moms” whose lives are on-the-go so much that “stay-at-home mom” is a pretty inaccurate description. Continue reading

Your Motherhood Experience

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 Happy Monday, dear friends!  I’ve been absent for over a week – and most of that time has been spent wondering who coined the term “lazy days of summer” because mine have been ridiculous.

Can I get an AMEN?  Or am I the only one? Continue reading

That Moment I Knew I Was A Second-Time Parent


How many words does she say?” the pediatrician asked at Brynna’s 18-month check-up.

I told her.

Wow, that’s way above average!” she exclaimed.

And in that moment, I realized that I was truly a second-time parent.

For two reasons, actually:

1)  She was over 19 months old at her 18-month checkup because I forgot to schedule it earlier.  My firstborn’s appointments were usually scheduled on time to the day.

2)  When she told me my daughter’s verbal skills were impressive, I couldn’t have cared less.  In fact, for a moment I wondered if she just says that to all parents to make them feel good about themselves. Continue reading

And Then My Phone Blew Up


I have a smartphone.

{I don’t say that to impress you.  You probably do, too.}

I was fairly late to the technology party, but now I’m not sure how I could possibly live without it.  What are my email passwords?  No idea.  Messages just magically show up on my phone.  What is my husband’s phone number?  Not totally sure.  I just tap the picture of his face and it calls him.  When is that trip scheduled again?  Let me check.  What’s the address to the place we’re going?  Hold on a sec.  I got it. Continue reading

Pillow Talk in Real Life

We’ve been married for nine years.  And every night for the last nine years, we’ve had the following conversation.

I’m not even exaggerating.

Husband:  {sleeping on his back, breathing loudly}

Me:  Roll over, you’re snoring.

Husband:  Okay.  {no movement}

Me:  Please roll over, you’re snoring.

Husband:  Okay.  {no movement}

Me:  {swift kick across the bed}  Roll over!  You’re snoring!

Husband:  No I was not!  I’m not even sleeping yet!  {rolls over.  problem solved.}

It’s well-documented {meaning mommy-blogs across the web have confirmed that this is a widespread epidemic} that men just drift off to sleep before their head even hits the pillow, while women lie awake for hours thinking about the next day’s tasks, rehashing an awkward conversation with a friend, and planning our children’s futures. Continue reading


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