Things I Wish For

Welcome to my new project!  Recently, as I was reflecting on the past two years, I thought about how much change has taken place in our lives since my husband & I welcomed our sweet little boy into our family.  I was certainly NOT one of those women who entered into mommy-hood with grace.  It was a lot of learning, failing, crying, interspersed with joy, prayer, and those sweet successes that suddenly make you think that maybe…just MAYBE…you’re getting the hang of it!  I feel like I’ve learned a lot, grown a lot, and by the grace of God managed to find a way to joyfully balance my family, work, and life…and I wanted to find a way to share some of what I’ve learned.  That’s why I’m here!

That said, before beginning my musings on managing this Balancing Act called Life, I thought it appropriate to start off with a list of things I wish for me & my family:

  • a clean house 100% of the time
  • healthy, delicious dinners every night
  • waking up fully rested every morning
  • to be on time wherever we’re going
  • a shorter commute with no traffic
  • a toddler who never throws a tantrum
  • a toddler who eats whatever food I serve him
  • a job I can’t WAIT to go to every single morning
  • more money in my bank account
  • to be happy all the time
  • more date nights with the hubby
  • to never lose my cool
  • to be skinny & beautiful
  • to love who I see in the mirror every morning
  • to go on nice vacations. often.
  • more play time with the kiddo
  • more play time with the dog
  • more family time
  • more time to exercise
  • Me Time
  • more time. period.

Whew!  Don’t get me wrong…I could go on…and on…and on…but you get the idea.  How can anyone possibly try to achieve perfection without losing their mind?


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