Food Waste Friday – 2.18.11

Food Waste Friday keeps me responsible & accountable for my family’s food & finances…thanks to The Frugal Girl!

Note:  This week we’re linked via The Single Saver!

This week’s food waste – here we go!

one out-of-focus peach (oops!)

It was actually 3 peaches:  Peach #1 came to work with me, and when I went to eat it I realized it was mealy, flavorless, and overall inedible.  It went in the trash can at work.  Peach #2 was sampled by my husband, who wanted to see what a “mealy” texture was when I told him about Peach #1.  Now that we were down to only Peach #3 (pictured here), I wasn’t about to march back to Fred Meyer and demand a refund on my one, gross, tiny little peach.  So into the trash it went.

We also did fondue last weekend for Valentine’s Day, and I threw away the leftover chocolate fondue since my only other option was to eat an entire vat of chocolate, which wouldn’t have been a great choice.  I don’t know that this counts as food waste, but there you go. 

We DID save the leftover fiesta cheese fondue.   I converted our taco dinner to nachos, and used it as queso.  Delicious!  I will consider that to be this week’s food waste success story.

Nachos con Queso: best dinner ever

Until next Friday!


One thought on “Food Waste Friday – 2.18.11

  1. Thanks for linking up!

    I think you did very well with food waste this week (especially your success – yeah!). Don’t you just hate it when you get bad produce from the store? Most stores will refund your money but often it is more trouble than its worth.

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