Food Waste Friday – 2.25.11

Food Waste Friday keeps me responsible & accountable for my family’s food & finances…thanks to The Frugal Girl!

Oh, joy!  A zero waste week!  Not only did I have no waste, but I have two success stories to report.

First, my husband wanted to throw something away because he didn’t think there was enough to save.  I told him that I would first have to take a picture of it to post on Food Waste Friday.  It ended up not going into the trash.  I think I have a second Food Waste warrior in my house now!

Second, I saved some potatoes & turned them into deliciousness.  Last week I had a few potatoes that were…ummm…in danger of growing more potatoes.  While I love growing my own food as much as the next guy, this wasn’t exactly what I had planned for these taters.  So I chopped & par-boiled them to extend their shelf life a bit.  Then, I turned them into a bacon, egg, and potato scramble for a lazy weekend breakfast.

bacon, egg, & potato scramble

Let’s see if I can have 2 great weeks in a row!


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