Food Waste Friday – 4.8.11

Food Waste Friday keeps me responsible & accountable for my family’s food & finances…thanks to The Frugal Girl!

Last week I ate leftovers from the freezer; I had one serving of soup that I didn’t quite make it through.  It wasn’t a total loss, though, because I gave it to the dog…I ran out of dog food tonight so it worked out pretty well for her.  🙂

We also lost some leftover orange that my son made it halfway through, but never regained interest in.  This seems to happen quite often to fruit in our house.

Another week without a blog post.  Single parenting is no joke!  The husband is back home this weekend, so maybe I will actually have the time to string a couple of thoughts together!  I might be able to balance family/work/life, but apparently balancing family/work/life/blog takes a bit more figuring out.  🙂


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