Food Waste Friday – 4.22.11

Food Waste Friday keeps me responsible & accountable for my family’s food & finances…thanks to The Frugal Girl!

Boo, so close!  I found a half serving of applesauce that was starting to grow some fuzz.  Other than that, I had a pretty successful week.

This week’s “food waste prevention meal” turned into a pretty decent spinach salad with home baked chicken nuggets, zucchini sticks, and marinara dipping sauce.  Here are some of the items I repurposed.  As I rummaged through my fridge, I also found a chunk of fresh mozzarella and a half of a cucumber that needed to be used.

Of course, I almost always have my kitchen helper, who helped me turn a stale slice of bread and a couple of frozen bread heels into bread crumbs.

All our efforts culminated in a pretty respectable, healthy, repurposed meal!  😉

I also managed to prevent some future waste as, halfway through breading my zucchini sticks I realized I had sliced waaayyyyy more zucchini than we wanted to eat for dinner.  Instead of cooking all of it I chopped up the remaining sticks and, along with the leftover bread crumbs, put them in my freezer (where else?) for another day.  Most other days I would have just gone ahead and cooked them all, but now I have a good amount to add to soup the next time I need zucchini.


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