Quality Help

Meet my housekeeper.

My son loves to help.  He follows us around the house carrying a step-stool saying, “Wanna help!”  And I love to have him help.

After coming home from work there are things I want to do, and there are things I have to do.  I want to spend time with my son, and I have to cook dinner and do other chores.  His love of helping means I can knock out both things at once.

Not only is this efficient, but it sure makes my chores a lot more fun!  My housework time magically turns into quality time with Conlan.

We practice colors & matching when sorting the laundry.

He helps me cook dinner, though our meatballs might look more like meat-pancakes or meat-lumps.  🙂

Sometimes we have to prep our dinner on the floor. Don't judge.

He loves to “shake-shake-shake” the seasonings onto the food.

I may show up to a gathering with a few empty spaces on my tray of deviled eggs.  Sorry.

We are a little unsure about what vegetables may (or may not) pop up in certain sections of this year’s garden.

Conlan’s job is to empty the silverware caddy in the dishwasher & put away the plastic food containers.  He can reach that cupboard, he can’t break them, and he has fun stacking & matching the containers together. 

Though sometimes he gets a little lazy about it.

Scooping & dumping dog food is pretty awesome.

Sota will certainly take care of the ones that end up on the floor.

And, finally, let’s not underestimate the joy of button-pushing for a two-year-old!

Don’t think for two seconds that this is a tidy strategy.  Some days are cleaner than others, but trying to keep everything neat & clean while we’re doing these things would move our time together from “quality time” to more chore-like.

I’d certainly encourage anyone struggling with limited time to find ways to turn some of the obligatory housework time into quality time with their little ones.  Sometimes it is more complicated, time-consuming, and messy, but it’s offset with happy children who get to spend time learning new things & hanging out with their mom & dad!


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