Food Waste Friday – 6.17.11

Food Waste Friday keeps me responsible & accountable for my family’s food & finances…thanks to The Frugal Girl!

There was no post last week because we were out of town, so this week’s post is divided into 3 sections:  last week’s waste, vacation waste, and this week’s waste.

Last week’s waste

a partial loaf of bread went moldy

 Vacation Waste

We went to Whistler, BC for 4 days last weekend.  We did all our grocery shopping there & cooked in the condo.  I think we did pretty well, especially since we couldn’t take any leftovers back with us.

We bought a container of spaghetti sauce that way WAY too big. Oops.
A little milk & coffee creamer didn’t get used up
This week’s waste
Oh, dear.  This is where publicly sharing this stuff gets a bit embarrassing.  A couple things went bad while we were away, and I was just too lazy to use up some of the other produce so it went bad, too.
shredded lettuce, sliced apples, mushrooms, & canteloupe

 I did have a success story, but am too ashamed to share it after owning up to all this waste.  It won’t be too hard to make next week better.  🙂

Please forgive the teeny tiny banner photo today.  I was playing around, and now I’m too tired to fix it.  I’ll fix it this weekend.  I think the itsy bitsy photo is better than the one I had up there before, anyway.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday – 6.17.11

  1. I don’t think you did that badly at all considering you were away on vacation.

    I have stopped buying those bags of shredded lettuce – we never can seem to use them up before they go bad, even if we don’t go on a vacation!

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