June Jackpot!

This post has absolutely nothing to do with balancing family, work, and life.  We just got a lot of cool free stuff in June and I wanted to celebrate it somewhere!  🙂  Then again, you could say that recognizing & celebrating your blessings is a pretty important part of staying joyful through the day-to-day stuff.

Jackpot #1

One Friday afternoon I was turning onto our street and I saw a barbeque with a “FREE” sign on it.  “Rusty!” I exclaimed as I hopped out of the car.  “There’s a free grill!”  You see, ours died a couple years ago and we have been using a portable BBQ, which had started giving us a bit of trouble, too.  As I lounged in the hammock in the backyard my silence was broken by the unmistakable “clang clang clang” of my husband pulling our new grill up the driveway.  He fired it up, and it works like a champ.  So, without shame, we got a new grill from the side of the road.

Why yes, that IS a side burner! And it works, too!

Jackpot #2

My neighbors had a garage sale and I bought a pair of kids’ boots for a dollar.  They threw in a free play shopping cart that was just missing a bolt in the handle.  Rusty fixed it right up, and Conlan is one happy shopper!

Jackpot #3

When I bought a pair of toddler shorts for 50 cents, she threw in a free sandbox.  She was “embarrassed” because it was so dirty.  Yes.  It was dirty.  There was sand all over it.

Turns out, it was a sand & water play table!  We had wanted a sandbox for Conlan, but this is even better.  I cleaned it & set it up, and 4 1/2 seconds later (before I could even grab the camera) my son had already started dumping the sand into the crystal clear water.  I did think about correcting him, but then I remembered that God has put the ocean right next to the beach, so if He could deal with a little mixing of the elements, so could I.

Jackpot #4

I bought this easel at the garage sale, which has a chalkboard on one side and whiteboard on the other.  I was also happy that it is magnetic, since our refrigerator doesn’t take magnets and they are fun for Conlan to play with.  The easel came with free letter & number magnets.  I was able to make the whole alphabet!  Hooray!

I actually had to fudge 3 of the letters. Can you find them?

 When my son woke from his nap and found that our back patio had turned into a disneyland for toddlers, his huge, sweet smile warmed my heart.  Hitting the jackpot four times was certainly exciting, but seeing his happiness brought me more joy than anything.

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!  Matthew 7:10-12



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