Garden Tour

I’ve had a request for a tour of our garden, so here it is!

Let’s start off with a bit of clarification.  When I talk about “our” garden, I may be embellishing a bit.  I don’t do anything with the actual garden.

Why?  Because here in the beautiful Pacific NW, there are slugs.  I have an (admittedly) unnatural fear of them.  They are silent & sneaky.  Ick.

My participation in the garden is three-fold.

  1. I am on the mortgage for the house, so technically I can say the garden is mine, too.
  2. I have input regarding what gets planted each year.
  3. I cook the stuff that comes out of it.

Now that I have given my disclaimer, here’s a tour of “our” garden – expertly maintained by my hubby!

The Main Garden - Rusty built four 4x4 raised beds, which house our veggies!
The Orchard - We have 2 apple and 1 cherry tree in a corner of our backyard.
Blueberries in the backyard
Raspberries in the backyard
Strawberries in the front yard
We have basil growing in the kitchen window, because I LOVE pesto! I gladly harvest it myself, as there are no slugs in my kitchen. 🙂

Finally, just for fun I will be tracking our harvest (and grocery savings!) on a separate page here.  There is also a tab labeled “Garden Harvest 2011” at the top of this page.  I won’t be doing blog posts about it, but will just update the page periodically.

And that concludes our tour.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Garden Tour

    1. Thanks – that is because my hubby mows it at least twice a week and takes really good care of everything. If I was assigned to yard duty, rest assured it would look very different!

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