Food Waste Friday – 7.15.11

Food Waste Friday keeps me responsible & accountable for my family’s food & finances…thanks to The Frugal Girl!

Good news/bad news for produce this week.  I did lose a few strawberries.


I did, however, save quite a bit of produce this week!  It’s been several weeks since I had a good success story.  I’ll make up for it with three today!

First, I used up 1/2 a leftover tomato and some lettuce as burger toppings.

I “found” some broccoli in the fridge drawer, so it went with dinner one night (just steamed, nothing special).

Finally, I had these cherry tomatoes that were getting a bit wrinkly.  I sauteed them with garlic and seasonings, and mixed them in with pesto ravioli for extra deliciousness.




5 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday – 7.15.11

    1. My own fault, really. Conlan would eat the whole container in 5 minutes if I let him, but I tried to ration them all week. Should have just let him eat them all!

  1. Wow, your pictures make me hungry! Especially ..well all of the ones besides the strawberries. 😉
    Those strawberries…always going bad before we can eat them! What’s up with that! I always have that happen as well.

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