Why I Bother

Happy Campers, yes we are!

I was thinking about some of my recent posts, and it occurred to me that some people may wonder why in the world I would share personal things for public viewing.  Really, who wants to admit their failures, disclose that sometimes they feel like a bad mother, or reveal that their home is not nearly as clean as they would like it to be?  And whose business is it, anyway, whether or not we have another baby?

Well, I have a few reasons.

I don’t believe that we are always honest enough about our real-life experiences, and it is my hope that my openness can help others.  First let me say that I believe wholeheartedly in counting your blessings and focusing on the good.  Taken too far, though, I believe it can be harmful to other women.  If all we hear from other women are tales of their perfect husbands, perfect children, perfect parenting, and perfect housekeeping, then how do we feel when our own screaming toddler won’t drink his milk because it’s not an exact 72 degrees, our husband apparently is deaf to anything that isn’t football, and I’m ready to crawl under the couch because somebody just rang the doorbell and is about to see what a mess we actually live in.  To top it off, a pile of dog hair the size of soccer ball just wafted across the living room floor.  Well, I’ll tell you how it feels.  It feels like you’re the only one living this life, and somehow you got the short end of the stick.  It breeds disappointment, discouragement, bitterness toward your spouse, anger towards God, and general discontentment.  It sucks the joy out of life.  My prayer is that my honesty about our life will encourage others to see that life is not perfect, but within this life there is perfection to be found.  I hope that the joy will remain in your home.

It helps me process my own experience, gain perspective & wisdom, and grow as a person.  I enjoy this.  I love looking back and writing about my experiences, dreaming about the future, and finding life lessons.  Taking the time to write it down in a way that makes sense to others makes me really contemplate my circumstances.  It gives me the time to reflect that I probably wouldn’t otherwise have.  It changes my attitude and teaches me new things.  Things I enjoy sharing.  Plus, blogging is fun.  I’ve never really had a writing outlet before.

I believe I am in the process of discovering my calling, and this is a part of it.  This is almost a repeat of my first point.  I want to help other women on this journey to find the joy in their lives and families.  I want others to know that it’s perfectly okay to say you are having a lousy day.  Everyone else has them, too.  Saying it doesn’t mean you’re not grateful, or that you don’t love your spouse/children/job/whatever.  I want others to gain a more realistic perspective and joyful attitude.  I have a specific (though not exclusive!) heart towards working moms, and want to help those of us in the workforce to balance, live intentionally, find joy, and to encourage us to give ourselves some grace.  I want us all to become better wives and mothers.  But not perfect ones.  🙂

So, dear friends, this is why I share.  My home is not perfect.  Neither is my husband, my marriage, or my son.  But we are happy and (most of the time) content.  We have love, we have joy, and we have the Lord to guide our family.  We are blessed.

The other thing I should mention is that I always have my husband read & approve any post that I fear he might find a little too personal.  He hasn’t vetoed one yet!  I guess I will continue to share and, hopefully, you’ll continue to read.

Today’s post is part of “Works For Me Wednesdays,” tips to make your family’s life easier.  WFMW is hosted by Kristen at We Are THAT Family.


5 thoughts on “Why I Bother

  1. Thanks Kristina! I agree, it is good to share our successes and our struggles with each other so that we can be both encouraged and validated. I have found that reading my friends’ blogs makes me like them more because I realize that we are all more alike that we realize.

  2. I think you have some really good points! While it bothers me when people share a lot of personal detail along the lines of posting a photograph of a child with his full name and birthdate under it, or stating exactly where they are going and how long the house will be empty . . . I think it’s helpful and affirming to share the “ups and downs of life” kind of detail.

    I read blogs primarily to collect helpful information (like book recommendations, spiritual insights, recipes) but I find that some of my favorite posts are ones in which the author says, basically, “I’m not feeling so helpful today because I totally screwed up this and I can’t seem to drop my bad attitude toward that.” Seeing other people’s struggles in balance with successes (I wouldn’t want to read a blog of JUST failures and complaints!) is actually inspiring because it helps me see things more realistically.

    You might enjoy my 7 Things I’m Not Good At or Things Not To Do series. 🙂

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