The Light Cycle

I’m all for cutting corners.  Especially ones that save you time & money, but don’t require you to sacrifice the end result.

When we first got our dishwasher, I remember thinking that it ran forever.  I don’t know if it’s the brand, model, or something else, but the thing kept going…and going…and going.  Clearly, we had purchased the Energizer Bunny of dishwashers.

So I tried an experiment and ran it on the “light” cycle.  There was absolutely no difference except that it didn’t run as long!  I’ve tried to time it but keep getting distracted.  From my best estimates, the light cycle runs for 2 hours (including the dry time).  The normal cycle runs about 3 hours.  I save about an hour of electricity and water every time I run it, which is several times a week.  Win!

Since I’m feeling generous I’ll throw in a bonus tip.  Before starting the dishwasher turn on your faucet to bring the hot water into the kitchen.  That way, the dishwasher doesn’t have to run as long and do that work itself.  You’re welcome.  🙂

Today’s post is part of “Works For Me Wednesdays,” tips to make your family’s life easier.  WFMW is hosted by Kristen at We Are THAT Family.


5 thoughts on “The Light Cycle

  1. It runs for 3 hours!? Even 2 hours is long! My dishwasher with an extremely full load (it weighs the contents) only runs for 74 minutes.

    I don’t think you have the high efficiency model 🙂

    1. I agree, I was super surprised by how long it ran. It’s a Whirlpool with the energy star, but who knows. 🙂 At least I don’t have to listed to the darn thing for 3 hours anymore! 🙂

  2. From what I read when deciding which dishwasher to buy, a longer cycle can be more efficient by allowing some soaking time in between bouts of actively washing the dishes–kind of like you need to do less scrubbing if you let the dishes sit in a sinkful of soapy water for a while, than if you just pick up a dish with food dried on it and try to wash it.

    We decided to start out using our dishwasher’s least drastic cycle and see if it got the dishes clean. It does, so we haven’t tried any of the more heavy-duty options!

    When I wrote about how the dishwasher helps the environment, my brother who’s a home energy auditor posted a comment explaining why it is that bringing up hot water at the faucet saves energy. It bothers me to waste water that way…but if I collect water in my plant-watering can while I’m waiting for it to get hot, and then I put hot water in the sink to wash the things that can’t go in the dishwasher, there’s no waste!

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