Surviving Dinner – Pasta & Sausage

Lots of recipes claim they can be cooked in 20 minutes or less.  Some nights are so busy, even that’s too long.  “Surviving Dinner” is a series that is not about good wifeing, mothering, or cooking.  It’s about surviving.  It’s for those nights when you’re tempted to write “fast food” on the menu, but cooking at home will save you a few dollars, a few hundred calories, and loads of mommy-guilt.  Recipes found here can be cooked quickly and have minimal prep and clean-up.  Some may require a little pre-planning, but many won’t.

No need to turn the stove on tonight!  For those of you who haven’t made the magnificent discovery that pasta-roni can be cooked in the microwave, let me help you simplify your life.  It can.  It says so right on the side of the box (did you know that?)!  And that means that you can measure, cook, and serve it all in one container.  No pots to clean afterwards, and your one dish goes straight into the dishwasher.

Survival Menu:

  • Kielbasa
  • Pasta-Roni
  • Raw Veggies

1.  Use a pyrex measuring cup to easily prepare your pasta in the microwave.  Don’t bother to dirty up extra measuring cups or cook it on the stovetop – then you have a pot to clean!  The pyrex goes straight into the dishwasher when you’re done.

2.  Since the kielbasa is fully cooked, all you have to do is heat it.  Yes, it’s a processed meat product, but for some silly reason I still feel better about feeding it to my family than hot dogs.  🙂  Heat it in the microwave or throw it on the grill to avoid more dishes.

3.  Slice veggies.

 Wondering what I’m doing here?  Learn more about the idea behind Surviving Dinner.


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