I’m Not Listening

I spent the entire first two years of my son’s life dreading the “terrible two’s.”  Excuse me, that wasn’t accurate.  I think I actually started dreading it shortly after I found out I was pregnant.  Right after I stopped dreading the actual birthing process.

As soon as Conlan turned 2 I was thrilled to realize I loved it.  It was so exciting, so engaging, so fun!  When I started to share that with people, I was shocked to consistently hear, “Oh, yeah…two is good.  Three is awful!”

Oh, boy.  Another year of dreading the next stage.  Awesome.

Then I realized, that is EXACTLY what was happening.  I was spending so much time dreading the horrid things to come that it took away some of my ability to be completely present and joyful in today.

Pregnancy is so uncomfortable.

Labor is awful.

You’ll be so exhausted.

Teething turns your little one into a monster.

Once they’re mobile, it’s all over.

Wait until you hit the Terrible Two’s.

Nope, that’s a myth.  Wait until you see what Three brings.

Just wait until they’re teenagers.

You get the idea.  Yes, some days are difficult.  Some seasons present more challenges than others.  Still, none have completely lived up to their awful reputation and I’m sure that all of them have joyous moments that can outweigh the difficult ones.

So, my commitment is that I will be real about those challenges, but keep a positive and encouraging attitude for other parents.

And I’m not going to let it bother me when you warn me about an upcoming stage.  Because I’m not listening.



Today’s post is part of “Works For Me Wednesdays,” tips to make your family’s life easier.  WFMW is hosted by Kristen at We Are THAT Family.


5 thoughts on “I’m Not Listening

  1. Great attitude!! I also had a delightful two-year-old. I enjoyed his infancy and toddlerhood so much more than I’d expected because I never had been particularly interested in babies and toddlers, but he was different. He did get more difficult just before turning 3, and at 6 he has not outgrown it yet…but he’s still a great kid! I try not to expect anything in particular from a certain age but just to expect continuous change, with some things getting better and some getting harder at any given point. When I’m despairing over some behavior that’s annoying me, I try to refocus on the things he does right. Here’s an example of something he got right at age 3.

    Keep on enjoying your sweet 2-year-old!

  2. I found you on works for me wednesday…

    I hate “just waiters”. Every kid is different, every parent is different, every pregnancy is different. No, I will not just wait until I have another one, or until they learn to walk and can get into everything, or until they are teenagers and start talking back. I am too busy savoring all the moments that are happening now and wishing my kids would just stop growing so fast! (They are 3 months, 9 and 10). Good post! I agree!

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