Food Waste Friday – 8.19.11

Food Waste Friday keeps me responsible & accountable for my family’s food & finances…thanks to The Frugal Girl!

I haven’t participated in Food Waste Friday in three weeks now…and boy, have I been wasting some food!  The first week I actually did quite well, but I left for vacation on Friday morning so I didn’t have time to write a happy post about it.  The second week I was on vacation, and when you’re traveling with a toddler and you don’t have a cooler with you to keep things cold…well, believe me…there was waste.  Mostly produce and cheese.  Then, when I got back from vacation everything that was left in the fridge for a week and a half got thrown out.  Again, mostly produce.

I refuse to feel too bad…I’m now settled back home and back on the food waste wagon.  Next week will be better.

I think I’ve been saying that every week, but this time I mean it!  🙂

To start my commitment off right I will include a success story.  Before I went on vacation we had a family picnic at a local park.  We had some leftover grilled chicken that really needed to be used up, so I made some pita bread and tossed the chicken with a few salad fixin’s, and we had delightfully delicious chicken salad pita sandwiches!


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