Coming Home – Part 1

What if you’re a working mom, but you don’t want to be?

What if it doesn’t feel like a choice?

I’ll be honest.  Sometimes my alarm goes off and the thought crosses my mind – Ugh.  If only I didn’t work!  I could sleep in!

Let’s ignore the fact that I am well aware of the fact that kids don’t sleep longer just because Mom wants them to.  Let’s also ignore the fact that I know full well that stay-at-home-moms hardly have a life of leisure.  I get it.  But my brain forgets that before the sun rises.

We all have those moments when we peek over the fence to see greener pastures.  But what if you don’t just have moments – you have full-length daydreams – and long to be at home?

What if you don’t think you were called to be a working mom?

I think that deserves some good attention, so I will be running a 4-part series on the process of coming home.  Series posts will publish on Tuesday/Thursday of this week and next.

Know that if you’re in a place where you don’t believe it’s possible, it is.  Easy?  No.  Possible?  Yes.  It might not be next week, next month, or even next year but it can happen.  God is bigger.  And if He has called you to be home full-time, He’ll get you there.

I also want to invite my friends (especially my stay-at-home-mom friends!) to participate in and contribute to this discussion.  Clearly, this wasn’t my path and I’m not an expert – these are just my thoughts.  As we move through the series, tell me what I missed, what I got wrong, or maybe even got right!  🙂

Help me help those ladies who want to come home.

[Update:  Read Part 2, Part 3, or Part 4.]


2 thoughts on “Coming Home – Part 1

  1. Great post Kristina! I’m looking forward to hearing more of what you have to say in the next week. Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak on a parenting panel for ninth graders about the cost of raising kids. I was the lone stay at home mom amongst other professionals, most of whom are from two income families.

    What resonated most with me is how debt takes away choices. It was sad for me to hear people needing to prolong adding more children or working when they didn’t want to in order to pay off student loans. I could hear pain in their stories, and was struck by how much debt shapes the trajectory of our lives. Honestly, I was looking at the kids in the audience and could not stop thinking, that they have way more disposable income then young parents!

    The discussion concerning the vocation of motherhood is at the heart of so many women in our country. It’s sad to me that so many aren’t able to further examine the calling of staying home with kids because of the fear and stress of their financial lives over-rides this desire. Staying at home is not for everyone, but I wish that more people had the ability to make that discernment with their hearts then with their checkbooks.

    Jenny Sanford

    1. I agree! And I think what is even more disappointing is that most people don’t even recognize that they made those choices to get themselves into that situation…it’s more like “that’s the way life is, it’s unfortunate, but there really wasn’t any other option.” I wish I could have listened in on that panel – it sounds so interesting!!!

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