Coming Home – Part 2: Pray

[Coming Home is a 4-part series directed toward working moms who feel called to be at home but feel like they “have” to work, primarily due to finances.  This is the second post in the series.  Read Part 1, Part 3, or Part 4.]

If you’re sensing a call to come home, the first thing I recommend you do is pray.

Pray for wisdom and discernment.  Pray that God will show you clearly where He wants you.  Pray that He will reveal the depths of your heart so you know you are making the right decision for the right reasons.

Pray for God to make it possible.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re praying for a financial miracle.  It’s not likely that you’ll receive an inheritance from a long-lost wealthy relative, or that the bank will magically lose your mortgage paperwork and stop drafting your account.  In fact, when you believe that the only way it is possible for you to stay at home is through financial means, you are putting limits on God.  Pray specifically for a change in your financial circumstances (there’s certainly nothing wrong with that!), but don’t make that your exclusive prayer.

Which leads me to my third prayer…pray for God to work a miracle in you.  Maybe God will change your heart and grant you contentment in your modest home.  Maybe He’ll grant you grace when your husband works longer hours to fill in the income gap.  Maybe He’ll calm your anxiety and your longing for security, or you won’t care if you can’t afford things you had before.

Or maybe He’ll do something else wildly creative.  Don’t limit Him to just “fixing” your finances or you might miss out!

Readers – what else should someone start praying for if they want to make the transition home?  Be specific!


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