Go Anyway

Before jumping in to today’s post, let me pause briefly to count my children.


Alright, that’s my disclaimer – though I hope I would feel the same if I had more.  Read on!

Taking kids out of the house isn’t always quick, and it isn’t always easy.  When they’re teeny they don’t have much room to protest but come with a truckload of gear.  As they get older there’s less “stuff” to haul…but they sure can be uncooperative at times!

Go anyway.

You’re tired.

Go anyway.

You’re nervous about how the kids will behave.

Go anyway.

The experiences that are gained, the learning that happens, and the memories that are born from leaving home (for an hour, or a week!) are invaluable, irreplaceable, and un-duplicatable (is that a word?) within the four walls of your home.  Get out of the house!!!

My friend Jenny once posted her family’s mantra on her facebook wall.  I want to steal it.  In fact, I think I will.  “We’re not having fun.  We’re making memories!”  🙂

Go anyway.

A commenter on one of my previous posts wrote “My husband and I used to always say we were too tired for all the packing and planning for weekend trips but we’ve since decided that we would be tired at home too so why not get out!”

Go anyway.

The more you do it, the easier it gets.  And even if it doesn’t I’m pretty sure you’ll forget about the more difficult moments.

We’ve been camping with Conlan since he was less than three months old.  The first summer was easy.  Though I was tired because he didn’t sleep through the night yet, he stayed put.

The second summer was exhausting because he was in that wobbly toddler stage where you have to watch them all the time because they constantly fall over.

And this past summer was just plain fun because he was independent, excited, and curious!

Easy or challenging, I can honestly say I have never returned from an adventure and thought, “I wish we had stayed home.”

Go anyway.

Experience new things.

Enjoy nature.

Let your kids get dirty.

Let them play with rocks, chew on sticks, and touch bugs.  Do all those things that make your safety detector go off because it’s good for them, for you, and for your family.

Go anyway.


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