Dispute Resolution

After enduring a delightful stomach bug that swept through our family of three, my husband and I find ourselves in a bit of a disagreement.  Now, I’m not one to air my dirty laundry on my blog – nor will I share the details of the conversation – but since this was more of a playful difference of opinion AND my husband suggested I “put it out there” for public vote AND he approved this post, here it goes.

Please participate in the following anonymous poll {located at the bottom of this post}.

In the unfortunate event that one’s wife is ill and retching, what do husbands do?  In real life? 

Now, we all know that Prince Charming held Cinderella’s hair.  And if your husband does the same, by all means check that box.  But if he does not, you may not check that box.  The question is NOT “What should husbands do?”  The question is ALSO not, “Wives, would you prefer that your husband not see you throw up?”  It is “What do husbands ACTUALLY do IN REAL LIFE?”

Also, if you wouldn’t mind having your husband vote too for a more balanced result, that would be lovely.

Thank you for your assistance.  As it turns out, a blog poll is cheaper than marriage counseling.


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