Happy New Year!

When this posts at midnight, I will more than likely be sleeping.  But I am starting 2012 in a good way – with a clean house, vacuumed floors, and completely empty laundry baskets.  And I ended 2011 in sweatpants, on the couch, in front of the fire, eating tacos (per the family tradition), and sipping something delightfully bubbly and festive.  I don’t believe in waiting until midnight to pop the champagne.  I’d rather sip it throughout the evening, thankyouverymuch.

It doesn’t sound remotely exciting but it’s pretty much perfect for me!

We wrote down our 2012 goals earlier today and in addition to those, I have one small resolution.  It’s that my dining table will look like this every night before I go to bed.

I’m getting better at keeping my house tidy on a day-to-day basis and I figured this will help me along.

Last year’s resolution was to make all of our bread products from scratch and not buy any from the store.  I’m proud to say I did pretty well!  A couple of times we were crunched for time while packing for camping trips, so to take a little pressure off of myself I did buy bread to take with us instead of baking it, and I *think* that I bought hamburger buns once or twice over the summer, too.  But other than that, I did it!  I really enjoyed it and will continue with that habit this year.

Do you make resolutions?  Do you keep them?  Are they a little deeper than “I will keep my table clear of clutter?”  🙂  I know, it doesn’t take much.

I wish you a very Happy New Year and am so excited to see what 2012 brings!  See you on Monday!


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