My posts were a bit sparse through the holidays, and there’s a reason.  “Christmas is a craft!” exclaims Dave Ramsey during the get-out-of-debt phase of his baby steps.  That wasn’t our intention initially, but then I ran across these online.

I made quite a few variations of these three designs, and it was pretty fun!  My husband and I made a good team and worked on them together.  He would cut, sand, and spray-paint them before I had even given them much thought, and when we ran into some frustrating issues he had much more patience than me.

These have become pretty popular online so there’s really no need to write out instructions.  Some 2×4’s, Mod Podge, and spray paint will get the job done.  I just have one HUGE tip.  Using scrapbook paper is incredibly frustrating because any thin paper product will bubble when it gets wet.  Once I got smart I started creating the designs in Photoshop and sending them to a one-hour photo place to have them printed on photo paper.  Since it’s thicker, photo paper doesn’t bubble and wrinkle.  By the final few pieces they were coming together quickly and easily.  Before I had a handle on things, I will admit I was ready to throw a few of them.

[Enter husband.]

See?  I told you we make a good team.


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