My Day as a SAHM

We had quite the winter weather here in Western Washington.  I was unexpectedly off of work for quite some time!  Saturday and Sunday were weekend days.  Monday was a holiday.  The college was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday due to snow.  When the announcement was made Wednesday night that Thursday would be yet ANOTHER snow day, I was getting a bit bored and running out of things to do.  I had done enough cooking & baking to last me a week, the laundry was done, the house was clean, our sled was broken, and the weather had become too cold and icy to go outside anymore.  What would we do with one more day?

I made a challenge for myself.

I would see if I could pull off being a stay-at-home mom for a day. 

Now, I’ve stayed home before.  But it wasn’t structured and purposeful – it was more like a vacation.  Instead of waking up and thinking, “I’ve got a free snow day!” I would wake up and pretend “I’m a stay-at-home mom today.”  Now, you’ve probably heard me say I’m not a good stay-at-homer.  And that I’m not disciplined or creative enough to be a stay-at-home mom.  And that I need a plan or else I don’t really use my time wisely.

So I made a written schedule for the day, in half-hour blocks, and filled in all the little spaces to make sure neither me nor my little one would get bored.

Let’s see how I did.


6:00 am – I wake up and see my husband off to work.  Discussion ensues regarding whether he is crazy to drive in this ice.

6:30 am – Conlan wakes up.  This is 1/2 hour before my written schedule says he was supposed to wake up, so I improvise.  He watches Clifford and eats a banana.

7:00 am – Conlan plays while I watch news coverage of ICE STORM 2012 and catch up on email.

7:45 am – “Look, Conlan!  It’s snowing again!”  “Oh.”  Novelty has officially worn off.

8:00 am – We cook & eat breakfast & clean up afterwards.

8:30 am – I get dressed, do my hair, and apply some makeup so I can feel like a human.  I forego a shower because I am certain I will see nobody today.  However, I make a commitment that I will shower if the power goes out so I can use the hot water in the tank before it cools.

8:45 am – Tragedy strikes.  Lightning McQueen is missing.

8:50 am – My son informs me that he is Bob the Builder.

8:55 am – I help Conlan get dressed.  Now, this is impressive because most of the time he doesn’t wear pants.

9:00 am – Conlan gets TV time – SuperWHY! is on, it’s his favorite!  Meanwhile, I unload the dishwasher and get in today’s devotion from Jesus Calling.

9:35 am – I call Conlan into the bathroom to brush his teeth.  He refuses.  I explain that little boys who don’t listen to their mommies go to time out.  Works like a champ.  Mommy – 1, Conlan – 0

9:40 am – We begin a craft project.  “A pwoject?  I wanna help you!”

9:43 am – “I don’t wanna help you.”  Conlan leaves to go do his Thomas puzzle.

9:45 am – “I wanna help you again.”  Conlan has returned.

10:20 am – Project needs to dry.  Time for free play for Conlan, project clean-up for me.

10:27 am – Independent play is no longer interesting, apparently.

10:32 am – I am starving.  I decide we should each have a cookie.

10:45 am – Conlan wants another cookie.  I say no, and he does not argue.  Mommy – 2, Conlan – 0

10:46 am – Independent play time is clearly not going to happen.  Conlan is once again Bob the Builder, and I am “broken.”  He must fix me by using his drill in my ear.  Mommy – 2, Conlan – 1

11:15 am – I am pleased to report that I have been fully healed, and now have a baby that Bob “built” in my belly.  I don’t know where the crap he gets this stuff, but if it is from any of my family or friends reading this, please knock it off.

11:16 am – I have a pile of stickers tucked away in the closet from back in the day before I finally gave up and admitted I am not good at, cannot keep up with, nor do I really enjoy, scrapbooking.  I get some out for Conlan to play with, along with his markers.  We review that markers only go on the paper.

11:42 am – We read stories together.

12:00 pm – Lunch time!  We’re having leftovers from the fridge so I don’t really have anything to cook or clean up.

12:26 pm – My husband’s work has closed due to the weather and he pulls in the driveway.  I explain to him that the experiment will continue and that we’re on a schedule around here.  He tries to conceal his skeptical look and {wisely} agrees to participate.

12:39 pm – I have lost all control.  My until-now serene, peaceful day has turned into chaos.  My husband is delighted by this weather.  Conlan is running around the house shouting at the top of his lungs that he gets to go outside with Daddy.  The dog is following him, also excited to be going outside with Daddy.  My husband is gathering up his snow gear.  He is not wearing pants.  Dear me.  Mommy – 2, Conlan – 2, Daddy – 1

12:43 pm – Everyone has gone outside.  I vacuum.

1:00 pm – Conlan is back inside, turns out it’s cold out there in the snow.  SuperWHY! is on again, so he gets TV time.  While he watches his show I prep the rest of our arts & crafts project so we can finish it up later.

1:30 pm – I put Conlan down for a rest.  I cross my fingers that it will take.

1:44 pm – I wish I had a book. 

1:47 pm – I scrape up enough snow play clothes to run a load of laundry.

2:30 pm – I start dough to make rolls for dinner.

3:19 pm – I sit down to draft a couple of blog posts.

3:42 pm – Conlan wakes up.  Rusty goes in to get him from his room.  Though I am certain that I put him down fully clothed, he is no longer wearing pants.

4:00 pm – Snack time.  With pants.  Rusty shovels our patio, walkway, and driveway.

4:15 pm – We work on (and finish!) our craft project.

4:40 pm – Conlan snuggles with his Daddy on the couch, and I fold laundry.

5:00 pm – Daddy & Conlan play ball in the living room.  I put laundry away.

5:20 pm – Conlan decides he wants to clean up his playroom.  He is happily occupied elsewhere in the house.  🙂

5:21 pm – Conlan decides he wants to do his Thomas puzzle in the living room.  Here he comes.

5:22 pm – Conlan informs me that Daddy must play with him.  Have I mentioned that independent play isn’t exactly a hit at our house?

5:30 pm – Conlan helps me in the kitchen to prepare dinner.  He helps me form the rolls and start the soup.  After MONTHS of coaching, he finally discovers that he shares my love of raw yeast dough.  This is one proud mama!

6:00 pm – Conlan goes outside with Daddy again.  I finish cooking dinner.

6:30 pm – We sit down to dinner.  Conlan (who is not wearing pants as they got wet from playing in the snow) eats a bit of his soup, then takes his roll, gets down from the table and snuggles up on the couch with a blanket.  I choose not to pick this battle today.

7:00 pm – Rusty & I clear the table, I load the dishwasher and put away the leftovers.

7:10 pm – We discover the college has announced that it will be closed tomorrow, too.  I don’t panic as much as I did yesterday.  Tomorrow I will shower, and I will also work in the “songs/music” time and “lesson/learning” activities that got bumped from today’s agenda.

7:15 pm – Rusty proposes we all go sledding.  Conlan is suddenly very upset that he doesn’t have pants, which are a necessary element to sledding attire.

8:00 pm – We return home from what ended up being a beautiful and delightful walk around the neighborhood in the snow.  We even discovered that our dog can pull an adult male on our broken sled, and that it’s pretty hilarious. 

8:05 pm – We take a couple of runs down the luge track my husband built in the backyard.  Fun!

8:15 pm – Time for some hot chocolate, primetime TV, and relaxation.

9:00 pm – Conlan goes to bed.

10:00 pm – Bedtime for me!  I made it!  🙂


As I reflect on my day, I think I did a pretty good job.  Knowing myself & my personality, I was pleasantly surprised that it was a very relaxing, fun, and leisurely day!  Not to infer that being a SAHM in general is always relaxing, fun, and leisurely.  For one, I did it for one day with one child.


And Conlan & I both had “good” days.  We all know that kids have bad days – as do mommies – which would undoubtably shift the overall day away from “relaxing,” “fun,” AND “leisurely.”  Plus, most SAHM’s don’t exactly “stay at home” all day and are involved in more activities, which would take away more time around the house to get stuff done and remove the “OMG I’m so bored I wish I had something to do” moments I ran into a few times.

But regardless of the shortcomings, I call my day a success.  I have proven to myself that I wouldn’t be a miserable failure.  Thank you for humoring me as I did my ridiculous snow day experiment.

Now, is it Monday yet?  I’m ready to go back to work!


4 thoughts on “My Day as a SAHM

  1. This was so much fun to read! When real SAHMs post their schedules like this, I always get a bit annoyed, thinking they are trying to prove their supremacy over the rest of us. But yours is so refreshing and down to earth! Sounds like you had a truly wonderful day!

  2. Recently, Josiah has been saying that he “wants somebody in here” when he is playing. If that doesn’t work, he comes in to me. 🙂 Usually it is not sufficient if only Isaiah is in there with him! It’s good to hear that Conlan must be going through the same thing…! I’d love to hear how your song time and lesson time went on Friday! And LOVE that he “built” the baby in your belly!! I think he’s giving you a hint. 😉

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