Food Waste Friday – 3.16.12

Food Waste Friday keeps me responsible & accountable for my family’s food & finances…thanks to The Frugal Girl!

Not terrible this week!  I did have a bit of baked spaghetti casserole that I threw away, but I’m not crying over it.  Last week, due to 1) trying a new spaghetti recipe that was gross but I ate anyway because I can’t bear to throw food away, 2) stupidly cooking an entire box of spaghetti noodles for said recipe and thus having a plethora of noodles I was trying to creatively use up all week, and 3) having this leftover casserole from a group dinner, I am spaghetti-ed out.  No joke.  I ate spaghetti in some form every. single. night. last week.  If this was all that went to waste, I consider myself pretty successful.

Good Riddance!

I also had 2 unfrosted cupcakes I had thrown in the freezer that I didn’t need for last week’s cake pops, and since I was enthusiastically getting rid of stuff today they got evicted, too.


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