Party Time!

Conlan had a birthday!  Since it was the first one he actually had a clue about, we wanted it to be fun for him – and we sure had fun celebrating, too!

We tossed around a few fun {and more elaborate} ideas, but then decided on throwing the party ourselves this year.  We’ll probably outsource it next year, but this year was pretty easy because when you’re this age, everything ends in an exclamation point.  “Look!  There’s Mickey Mouse!” and “Look!  A bug!” elicit the exact same enthusiastic response.

So we decided on a SuperWHY! theme since that’s Conlans favorite TV show.  I’m putting the party plan here on my blog because I get a surprising amount of search engine traffic, and I know there are other moms out there planning a similarly themed one for their kiddo.  Since SuperWHY! character merchandise is not as readily available at your local party supply store as, say, Toy Story or Justin Bieber {you think I’m kidding, don’t you?}, here’s how we pulled it together.

Invitations:  Designed in MS Word and printed on cardstock we already had around the house.  FREE.

Decorations:  Streamers, balloons, plates, and napkins in solid blue, green, and white.  I also bought an action figure online (but not without a quick stop at retailmenot to grab a coupon)!

Cake:  I had initally planned to have the kids decorate their own cupcakes, but then realized what an absolute mess that could turn into.  Instead, we did super-letter cupcakes.  Rusty gets all the credit for that idea.

Activities:  We read some SuperWHY! books from the library and hid super-letters around the house – after we found them all they spelled “Happy Birthday Conlan.”  We also did a craft and made super spelling wands which, yes, is a little girly but three-year olds don’t care.  Some of the boys put footballs at the top of their wands, so, at least there was a masculine option.  🙂

Favors:  Balloons did double-duty as decorations and favors, kids took their wand home that they had made, and everyone also got a superhero cape. 

Which brings me to my superhero cape tutorial.  I don’t sew.  And when I did a search for “no-sew superhero cape” I must admit I wasn’t thrilled with the options.  So for anyone else who happened upon this, I hope this works for you!  It’s not sewn, it’s not lined, and it’s definitely not perfect – which isn’t a problem because it would seem that preschoolers don’t care about sewing, lining, or perfection.  Awesome.

I used satin material and stitch witchery.  I don’t really iron, either, but I can fake it better than sewing.  For the dimensions I found that using a full yard of material was way too long for kids this age.  I was able to fit 2 capes on 1 1/2 yards of fabric.  I also used adhesive, heat-bonded velcro because, again, it’s a NO-SEW cape.  🙂

I just heat-bonded all the edges per the stitch witchery directions and attached the velcro.  It took a bit of time (I’m sure if I knew how to sew, it would have been much faster) but was a pretty mindless activity to do while I was watching TV or something.

Here are the materials and dimensions I used:

  • 3/4 yd. satin
  • stitch witchery
  • adhesive, heat-bonded velcro

Happy cape-making for your own little superhero!


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