The Value of Daddy

There’s tons of research about how valuable a daddy is in a child’s life.  I won’t bore you with statistics, I’ll just tell you why my boy’s so lucky.

Because his daddy lets him do stuff.

A few months back, as we were trying to figure out how to spend some of Conlan’s leftover birthday money, my husband made a profound realization.  I was shopping for books, games, puzzles, and art supplies.  He was shopping for t-ball sets and basketball hoops.  “That’s the difference between you and me.  You want to buy thing for his brain.  I want him to go outside and play sports.”

It goes beyond that, though.  I want to buy things for his brain, yes.  But I also want him to do safe things.  The worst he can do with a new book is get a paper cut.

And that is where daddy comes in.  They mow the lawn together.  They climb things.  They go to Lowe’s (sometimes two or three times a week).  They garden.  They rebuilt the fence.  They fix things.  They even chopped down a tree in our front yard.

And though my husband has to endure my irrational warnings (“Please don’t run over his feet with the lawn mower and chop his toes off!”) I am still grateful that he gets to do all this stuff that I wouldn’t ever teach him.  I love it when Conlan runs in the back door, breathlessly pleading, “Mommy, I need my tools!” and then dashes proudly back outside to help his daddy. 

In fact, he’s still talking about chopping down that tree.  “But my saw didn’t work so good.”

So here’s a thank you to my boy’s wonderful daddy.  The one that lets him learn stuff, climb stuff, fix stuff, get dirty, and even get those bumps and bruises that little boys need.  Our son is very lucky to have you, and is sure to grow up to be a good man.

Just like his daddy.


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