Time = Good

Let me tell you what happened in our house tonight.

I cut Conlan’s hair and, as is to be expected, needed to clean up all the trimmings in the bathroom.  I asked my husband where the broom was.  For those of you who aren’t yet familiar, I’m not the world’s greatest housekeeper and I truly didn’t know where it was.

A few minutes later I returned to the bathroom to find the broom and dustpan propped up outside the door.  The floor had already been swept.

All because my husband knows that when I say “Where’s the broom?” I’m really saying “Could you please sweep up the bathroom but still give me good wife housekeeping points for looking like I was actually planning to do it myself?”

You can’t rush this kind of intimacy, people.  You can’t pull this off after just 3 months.  God bless our 7 years.


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