Over It.

I’m quitting the Mommy Wars.

Okay, I wasn’t exactly on the front lines anyway.  More of a spectator, really.  I’ve always been an advocate to do what you’re called to do and to do what’s best for your family.  But every once in awhile I do stick my toe onto the battlefield and try to defend my working-mommy status.

I’m not going to waste my time anymore.  I’m over it.


Because I have realized that the Mommy Wars don’t exist.  Not in real life, anyway.

You know what people said when I told them I was pregnant again?  “Congratulations.”  You know what exactly zero people said?  “Why the crap are you having another one when you’re just gonna hand it over to someone else to raise like the mal-adjusted hellion you already have?”  Hmmmm…interesting.

I don’t get the sense that my SAHM friends think I’m a terrible mom because I work.  Just like, when I get together with my working mom friends, we don’t waste our breath chatting about how lazy all our SAHM friends are and how much harder we work for our families.

Because we don’t actually think that.

The Mommy Wars exist in the blogosphere and message boards among vocal, anonymous women with an email address who apparently have  enough time on their hands to participate in such nonsense.  Sure, there are some of them who are passionate (angry?) enough to share their opinions publicly.  I’m glad they are following their calling for their family, though I may disagree with their approach or some of their assumptions.  I’m also pretty sure that no matter what anyone says, they’re not gonna change their opinions anyway.

I’m just not going to let it bother me.  Because, at least in my circle, the Mommy Wars don’t exist.

I’m over it.


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