Surviving Dinner – Back-to-School Snacking Perfection

Lots of recipes claim they can be cooked in 20 minutes or less.  Some nights are so busy, even that’s too long.  “Surviving Dinner” is a series that is not about good wifeing, mothering, or cooking.  It’s about surviving.  It’s for those nights when you’re tempted to write “fast food” on the menu, but cooking at home will save you a few dollars, a few hundred calories, and loads of mommy-guilt.  Recipes found here can be cooked quickly and have minimal prep and clean-up.  Some may require a little pre-planning, but many won’t.

This isn’t a dinner…but starting again this week, your kids will be coming in the door – starving of course! – desperate for something to hold them over until the family mealtime.  Here’s your solution.  And, coincidentally, it’s also the perfect snacking solution for a pregnant woman – starving of course! – to get through the afternoon.

Peanut Butter + Carmel Corn Rice Cake

Crunchy like a chip, sweet like a dessert, salty for the savory craving, and filling enough to make your belly very happy.

Wondering what I’m doing here?  Learn more about the idea behind Surviving Dinner.


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