‘Twas the Night Before Preschool

‘Twas the night before preschool.

How did we celebrate?

We went to a friend’s house –

And stayed out too late!


In the morn I woke early

Too excited to sleep

But from my little boy’s bedroom

I heard not a peep


I woke him, still sleepy

Much to my dismay

We had no choice in the matter –

Time to start his Big Day!


Dressing was a battle

Brushing teeth was a chore

I got out my camera

He threw himself on the floor


Finally we were ready…

…a little stressful so far

Oh, crap.  You need breakfast?

Here.  Eat some bread in the car.


I’d blocked out my whole morning

But once we walked in the door

After nearly 3 minutes

He didn’t need me anymore


At the end of the day

I picked him up bleary-eyed

There was no doubt about it –

That kid was TIRED!


I reviewed his report

as he sat there in silence

I guess it wasn’t his best day

(I’ll give him a B minus)

Bedtime two hours early

That poor boy was worn out

Still had to wake him the second day

Could we figure this out?


I dropped him off screaming

Didn’t know what to do

One thing was for certain:

It wasn’t easy, Day Two.


I drove on to work

with my eyes brimming over

Had we made a mistake?

Should he be one year older?


So I texted my friend

Who’d soon drop off her son.

“Can you check on my boy?

Is the meltdown all done?”


When I pick him up this day

He tugs on my sleeve.

“Mommy I had fun at school today,

I don’t want to leave.”


The third day he woke

around 6:15

Could it possibly be?

Did we have a routine?


The drop-off was easy

I had a deal with my guy –

A story, then snuggle,

Then sweet hug good-bye.


I reflect on this last week

And have to wipe my eyes

My baby’s in preschool!

I can’t believe how time flies!


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