Your Child’s First & Best Teacher

That’s us, mommies!  Oh, boy…the pressure.  Why is there always pressure?

It’s really too bad that my husband can’t keep me from going overboard all the time, but that would probably require 24/7 supervision so, frankly, the poor guy’s just out of luck.

Let’s back up to about a month and a half ago when our family was preparing to head to Minnesota for our annual Cabin Weekend with my extended family.  I thought that hours on a boring plane (combined with hours in a boring airport for a boring layover) would be the perfect opportunity to work on some school readiness skills AND keep my preschooler happy and occupied.  Win-win.

He’s been solid on his numbers and letters for quite some time, but I felt I had fallen flat with phonics and writing.  So, on the eve of our trip, I headed off to the teacher supply store.  After spending an undisclosed amount of money I left with flash cards, workbooks, games, stickers, tracing cards, and activity cards – all of which would ensure that Conlan would most certainly be reading at least at a 2nd grade level by the time we returned from our 5-day vacay.

Did I mention that my son is three?  To his credit, he did enjoy the activites and learning new things.  But he won’t be reading Harry Potter any time soon.  Or Clifford even.

And if your 3-year-old is reading?  I don’t want to hear about it, because I don’t need that pressure.  I’m doing the best I can.


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