Thank-You to the Husband

Due primarily to my incredible luck in having what, up until a week ago, I would have labeled the World’s Easiest Pregnancies I’ve not been one to use pregnancy as an excuse to limit my activities a whole lot.

But, as much as I hate to admit it, I slowed down in my last month.  After a full day at work and cooking dinner for the fam I just had no energy left at the end of the day except to sit in the living room and play games with Conlan.  And then a week ago, I hit a wall.  Back pain has left me couch-bound until this baby comes.

And so my husband, who apparently noticed my difficulties, has quietly helped pick up my slack without even asking.  So here’s a public thanks – and a list of things other husbands can do for their pregnant wife.

  • He cleans up the kitchen after dinner.  Because after a long day and cooking dinner, when you’re finally able to sit down and relax around the dinner table, the last thing you want to do is get back on your feet and do more work.
  • He doesn’t complain if sometimes dinner is a little more simple than usual.  Or if I just say we’re having take-out.  Or sometimes he’ll just start cooking without even asking so I don’t have to worry about it at all.
  • When I pull up to the house after work he comes out and helps Conlan get out of the car.  Even though Conlan can get in & out of the car by himself, it still saves me the 5 steps around the car to open the door – and lets me run into the house for my emergency bathroom stop after the “unbearable” 25 minute commute.
  • When he runs errands or does yard work, he takes Conlan with him to give me a  break and a quite house for a few minutes.
  • When he was sick he slept on the couch without my asking so 1) I wouldn’t be woken by his constant up/down and 2) I wouldn’t catch it.
  • He’ll pick up that whatever-it-is I’m looking at on the floor so I don’ thave to bend over and get it myself.
  • He helps me roll over in bed in the middle of the night.
  • He builds a fire nearly every night.
  • He puts up with my baby-girl shopping, and (tries to) act enthused.
  • He cleaned the kitchen floor (hands/knees, people!) and washed the baseboards.  Because I’m pretty sure they hospital won’t let you bring home a baby with dirty baseboards.
  • And most recently, he gives me back rubs to ease my near-constant ache.  This often happens at 3 am when I wake up in tears and can’t get back to sleep.

Can’t thank you enough, babe!  We know the time is limited, maybe then I’ll be less of a lump.  But until then, I appreciate all you do!


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