Baby girl has been here for almost three weeks now, and while I’m doing a pretty good job finding things to keep me occupied around the house during the day, there are a few things that I want to do that require a little more effort.  So I’m going to list them in an attempt to keep myself accountable.  Here are my goals that I hope to accomplish within the next week.

1.  Track my calories for one week.  I actually started this on Sunday.  I gave myself grace during my pregnancy so I haven’t given calories a second thought in at least nine months.  Unfortunately, after a couple days of tracking – even with the generous breastfeeding caloric allowance – it has become increasingly clear that the extra 15 pounds I’m carrying shouldn’t be classified as “baby weight.”  I’m pretty sure it’s “oreo weight.”  Boo.  Back on the wagon.

2.  Have Brynna sleep in her crib one night this week.  I just want to see how it goes – does she sleep longer?  Shorter?  Now she is sleeping in a sleeper bassinet in our room, and she sleeps like a champ.  For the last week or so I’ve only had to get up to feed her once a night, which is fabulous because Conlan got me up like 3 times a night for WEEKS.  I make her nap in her crib during the day because I don’t want her to refuse the crib and make it a nightmare to transition her to own room eventually, so this overnight-in-the-crib thing is really just an experiment to see if we’re ready to do that yet.

3.  Take some cute baby pictures of Brynna.  I look at her and think “oh, you’re so cute, I should take some pictures” and then I don’t because that takes extra work.  I can’t keep putting this off because babies change their looks so quickly that I need to just do it.

4.  Spend some one-on-one time with Conlan.  I actually did this yesterday.  Rusty was home with Brynna and Conlan & I went on a special surprise outing to Jump Planet.  While I know that I’ll probably have to tote the baby along at some point on these outings, I do hope to do one special thing with Conlan a week while I’m on maternity leave.  He & I often play a game together in the evening, too, so he does get individual time at home but it’s so much fun to get out of the house!

5.  Work on Brynna’s First Year calendar.  My aunt sent this to me and I need to get on it before too much time passes and I can’t remember what we’ve done.  I did one for Conlan, too – writing down one thing for each day of baby’s first year as a fun keepsake for them when they’re older.  Since she’s only three weeks it should be pretty easy to catch up!  🙂

And that’s it.  Hopefully I’ll be back next week with an update.  Maybe I should make that a goal.

6.  Update my goals next week.



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