Accountability Update

Alright, last week I made goals and said I’d update them.  Here is the update.

1.  Track my calories for one week.  Done!  And I even stayed within my range for the week, didn’t notice a drop in my milk supply, and lost a couple of pounds.  Onward!

2.  Have Brynna sleep in her crib one night this week.  I didn’t do this.  And not because I just didn’t get around to it.  I thought about it more and realized, things are going well sleep-wise, why mess with it?  She’s rested, I’m rested, and right now we’re happy.  I don’t want to rush it.  Now when I’m awake with her during her overnight feeding I never have to get myself out from under the covers or put my feet on the cold floor or drag myself into another room.  I get to take her from her bassinet, lay her down beside me, and snuggle while she eats.  Then I put her back.  Easy.  And if I ever wonder how she’s doing I just peek over the side of the bed and look at her adorable little face.  Nope, no need to kick her out of our room just yet.

3.  Take some cute baby pictures of Brynna.  Done.  I’m no photographer, but it’s good enough for me.


4.  Spend some one-on-one time with Conlan.  Done.  I had actualy done this before I wrote the inital list, but even since then – this baby sleeps so much it seems like Conlan and I have plenty of time together.

5.  Work on Brynna’s first-year calendar.  Didn’t get to this.  No excuses.  Will do this week.

6.  Update my goals next week.  Done!


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