That Moment When You…

…are about to scold your 4-year-old for terrorizing his sister but then hear riotous laughter from the other room – from both of them.


…drag yourself across the hall in the middle of the night because the baby woke up and you’re greeted enthusiastically with a smile and you remember that you are her whole world.


…are cooking with your son while the baby takes a long afternoon nap and you’re having a real conversation with him and laughing together and you realize you’ve missed him terribly these last few months.


…hear your son announce he’s getting himself a snack and he comes back outside and you wonder, when did you start eating apples whole without me having to slice them?


…look at your children and understand they are just little bits of your heart that now beat outside your chest, and despite the difficult and frustrating moments you wouldn’t change your life for the world.


…are laughing with your husband and you suddenly realize that in the midst of kids, work, chores, and life it doesn’t happen all that much anymore and you think, This is fun.  We should do this more often.  I love you.




One thought on “That Moment When You…

  1. Hi Kristina. Its Joanne from HOUsing HOPe. I just got to be friends with Siobhan on Facebook and so found this blog. Your children are beautiful and I am so glad that your life is meaningful and fulfilling to you. Yes…children are our dreams. I miss those years so much! Take care….Joanne

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