Can’t Buy Me Love

Rusty’s gone for a few weeks, and since we all know how much Conlan adores his Daddy, I’ve been making an effort to give him extra fun and attention to keep his spirits up.  Today we went to a Family Fun Day – sunshine, park, activities, and even an ice cream treat before we went home.  He was a happy boy.

On the drive home I wanted to reinforce how much I enjoyed the day.  “Conlan,” I said from the front seat, “thank you for coming with me today.  I had a lot of fun.  I really like hanging out with you.”


I probably shouldn’t have pressed my luck.  But I did.  “Did you like hanging out with me?”

“No.  I like hanging out with Daddy.”

Oh well.  I accepted long ago that I’m not the winning parent.  As long as he knows who loves him, that’s what’s important.


One thought on “Can’t Buy Me Love

  1. You know it is nothing personal but it is still hard to take as a mommy. Luke my first born cried whenever I held him for the first 9 months. Ted would come home and take Luke and magically no more crying. I really struggled with it thinking I was not a good mom, I know now that wasn’t the case. I know he loved me he just loved his daddy more. Now with Ryan my next kid, it was the exact opposite. Luke has outgrown his preference of parent but Ryan (3.5 years old) is still a momma’s boy and there is no substitute. It is hard on Ted now but we have to remember that it is nothing we did wrong, it is just which parent can best comfort that kid. And that is the important part.

    It is hard being a single parent for a few days let alone weeks, I will pray that the time passes quickly and smoothly.

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