Baby Dedication

On Sunday, June 23 we dedicated our sweet Brynna to the Lord.  Our church does baby dedications where we commit to raising our child in a Christian home and the pastor prays over us with our church family.  It was a beautiful moment for our family, imperfect as we are, to be reminded that even though the night had been short, the emotions had run high, and our 4-year-old needed a haircut and looked a bit rumpled, we are raising these two little people to teach them of things that matter for eternity and growing in them, through God’s grace, a strong and beautiful character.  And it made me want to be a much much better example of a Godly woman for my little girl.

On a more practical note the baby remained tear-, spit-up-, and poop-free while we were in front of the congregation so that was pretty successful if you ask me.  And we did it with no binky!

My family lives far away and were unable to attend the dedication and I’ve gotten a few questions about it, so here you go.  For you all, a couple pictures and the narrative that we read in front of our church family.

Brynna’s middle name is Abigail, which means “her father’s joy.”  While she is certainly the joy of her earthly father, we know she also brings joy to her heavenly Father and we want her to delight in Him as well.  Therefore, we have chosen Philippians 4:4 as her life verse:  “Rejoice in the Lord always.  I will say it again:  Rejoice!”



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