Homestead in the ‘Burbs

Last week on my day off I was fabulously productive.  I love nothing more than getting to the end of my day and feeling like I used my time well, cared for my children well, and served my family well.

I reflected on my day and realized I had canned jam, carried my fussy baby in her wrap, sunned my cloth diapers, took freezer inventory of my breastmilk, and made dinner using my home-canned tomatoes and carrots I had dehydrated from last year’s harvest.

And then I wondered, when in the world did this happen?  When did I become a baby-wearing, cloth-diapering, breastfeeding, food-growing mama?  I’m not sure, but I like it.  I guess we can create whatever life we want no matter where we live, and living a bit more sustainably doesn’t have to be all-consuming.

And speaking of cloth diapering, let’s wrap this up with a bit of shameless self-promotion.  I wrote an article on cloth diapering part-time.  If you don’t mind, head on over and give me some page-view love, won’t you?  Thanks!


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