Best Gifts For The Working-Mom-To-Be

Who doesn’t love shopping for itty bitty cutesy sparkly teeny cuddly snuggly brand-new baby things? Buying wee little dresses and snuggly-soft blankets is one way to approach a baby shower gift, shopping straight off the registry is another, but if (like me) you’re more of a practical gift-giver, you might want to consider one of these options if you’re shopping for a working-mom-to-be.

Pink & Grey Paisley Tote Bag -
Pink & Grey Paisley Tote Bag –

1) A fabulous {giant} tote. If mom is working and nursing and hauling a pump back and forth daily, this is a must. Many pumps come in a carry case – but without much room for extras. To avoid the need to carry a pump, lunch bag, purse, and who knows what else, give her one big {beautiful} bag for the sake of convenience. She probably doesn’t even know she needs one yet, but she’ll thank you when she packs up for work her first day back and realizes she packed less when she went on her honeymoon.

Trend Lab Bottle Bag -
Trend Lab Bottle Bag –

2) An adorable {smaller} tote. To haul baby’s bottles and food back and forth to daycare. If the trip is lengthy, an insulated one might be in order. For shorter trips that’s not necessary.

3) Bottles. Whether breast- or formula-feeding, baby’s gotta eat while mama’s at work! Buy the bottles off of her registry – regardless of which brand you preferred. Cute? Not really. Snuggly? Nope. Appreciated? Totally.

4) A picture frame. For mama’s desk. To stare at her adorable babe in the middle of the day. A 5×7 or 4×6 is perfect, and as cute as those pink-or-blue cutesy decorated ones are, pass them over. Since it’s for the office, opt for a plain, professional-looking frame.

MAM Pacifier Clips -
MAM Pacifier Clips –

5) Pacifier clip. Baby goes back and forth to daycare. And baby spits out binky, learns to launch binky across the backseat of the car by blowing raspberries, or thinks the “drop my binky over the side of the carseat” game is hilarious fun. Bottom line: binkys get lost easily in the shuffle. Help mama attach it to her baby.

6) Coffee gift card. Mama will be tired on the drive to work. Coffee is much appreciated.

7) Freezer meals. Help with meals is wonderful in those first few days home from the hospital, but it’s just as helpful that first week back at work. I’m not gonna lie, that first week is rough, particularly when mama hits the wall, doesn’t think there’s any way she will possibly be able to do this, and then realizes it’s only Tuesday. Giving her the gift of a meal she doesn’t have to prepare so she can snuggle her baby all evening is about as thoughtful as it gets.

Of course, there are a million and one possible baby gifts for any expectant mother. These are just my top picks for a mom who’s planning to head back to work after baby. But since every mom is different, every baby is different, and every situation is different, I leave you with two final words.

Gift Receipt. {Just in case.}

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow 5-Pack Set -
Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow 5-Pack Set –

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