Food Waste Friday – 10.25.13

Food Waste Friday keeps me responsible & accountable for my family’s food & finances…thanks to The Frugal Girl!


Here was my waste from the week:


  • Cantaloupe
  • Some noodles & sauce I saved as a baby-sized portion and then forgot about in the fridge
  • Queso
  • Steamed broccoli

I also had a good save:  I regularly make a turkey chili verde through the cold-weather season.  This year I had a pretty good pile of green tomatoes that were in danger of rotting instead of turning red.  While a fair amount of the tomatoes did end up getting thrown out, I saved a bunch of them by making a giant batch of chili and using green tomatoes instead of tomatillos!

And a final story that is not about food waste, but still food-related and, in my opinion, quite hilarious so I’ll include it for your reading pleasure.  My husband is anti-meatloaf.  As in, I have never ever cooked one.  I’m not meatloaf’s biggest fan but I’m not completely closed to the idea so when I came across a bacon-topped spicy veggie-packed turkey meatloaf I really wanted to try it but I knew exactly what kind of reception it would get at the dinner table.  So I did this.


Instead of making a meatloaf I made mini versions in muffin tins, called them giant meatballs, and got rave reviews.  It’s all about marketing!


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