photo source: Flickr
photo source: Flickr

Last week I talked about the constancy of motherhood.  Today I wanted to talk about the flip side of that.

I can clean my house in 25 minutes.

I have become incredibly efficient.  As long as nobody’s home to distract me or undo my work as I go along, I can unload, reload, & start the dishwasher, sort & start laundry, and pick up toys & run a vacuum with amazing speed.  {Today’s post is about efficiency.  Not humility.  Obviously.}

I know what you’re thinking.  Nobody’s home?  When is nobody home?

Here’s my dirty little secret.

I do it on my lunch hour.

Not every day.  Not even every week.  But some days when I feel overwhelmed and I just need to do something to feel like I have some semblance of control, I go home and clean my house.

Because for me, few things foster feelings of control and peacefulness more than walking into a home that is relatively tidy at the end of the day.  The alternative is walking into a home that screams “WELCOME BACK FROM A LONG DAY.  LOOK AT ALL THIS WORK YOU HAVE TO DO!”  {Which, to be clear, I do come home to with regularity.}


On those days I go home.  17 1/2 minutes to drive there, 17 1/2 minutes to drive back, and 25 minutes to get my house back in order.

I know running home during lunch isn’t realistic for everyone, but I do think efficiency is a fantastic superpower we develop when we become parents.

Give us mamas a few minutes, and we’ll show you how to get things done.

Everyone has their own efficiency story.  What’s yours?


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