Back to Work Series: Tuesday

backtoworkLife as a working mom changes from week to week, but few weeks are as challenging as the first one back at work after maternity leave or an extended time at home.  Thus, I’m writing a 6-week series on the first week back at work:  what to expect, how to prepare, and how to get through it.


The good news – you made it through your first day back!  The bad news – you get to do it all over again.

What to expect:  You won’t be as excited and adrenaline-filled as Monday, but the morning won’t be too painful.  You might get a stab of mommy-guilt when you hand over baby at daycare and realize you didn’t see him as much as you’d like, but you’ll get through it.

But here’s what you need to be ready for.  Sometime in the afternoon, right around the 2:30 slump, you will hit a wall.  You will be physically tired, emotionally drained, and a little panicked by the idea of having to do this not only for 3 more days this week – but every day from here on out.  You’re going to seriously think “I can’t do this!

How to prepare:  Knowing that the wall is coming will make it a little easier when you run into it.  It won’t hurt less, but at least you won’t be caught off guard.

How to get through it:  Today, plan for a mid-afternoon coffee break and just trust that this is pretty much the low point and that it will get better.  And tonight is a great night to just plan take-out.

Coming up next week:  Wednesday

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