Surviving Dinner: A Month of Meals

surviving-dinnerAMOM copyI recently got a request to share some of the meals I cook for my family.  We all get in a rut, right?  I always think it’s fun to peek into other peoples’ kitchens, see how they really live, and get some fresh, new, trusted ideas I can adopt for my own family.

Plus, you all know how I love a challenge!

So here’s the deal.

For the next four Mondays I will post my weekly menu, links to the recipes I love, my grocery spending total for the week, and {if I can pull it off} pics of each night’s dinner.

Here’s what I can’t promise over the next four weeks:  that there will never be repeats, that I’ll be under budget, or that all the meals will be simple or completely healthful.

But here’s what I can promise:  these are recipes that my family has loved over and over, and if you want to mix things up in your own kitchen, these recipes might be a great way to do it!

See you next Monday!


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