Back to Work Series: Thursday

backtoworkLife as a working mom changes from week to week, but few weeks are as challenging as the first one back at work after maternity leave or an extended time at home.  Thus, I’m writing a 6-week series on the first week back at work:  what to expect, how to prepare, and how to get through it.


What to expect:  You’ll feel run down, but with the weekend in sight you’ll be able to get through the day.  Your attitude and outlook will be better today now that you’ve passed rock-bottom which happened sometime between Tuesday afternoon and lunchtime on Wednesday.

How to prepare:  Reflect on the last three days.  Identify any daily patterns in your moods.  Anticipating the lows gives them less power in the moment – they can’t catch you off guard.  It also means you can combat them.  Fifteen to thirty minutes before you expect your “low point” to arrive, do something you enjoy – get a coffee, take a break, get a snack, call a friend – to give you that extra push you need to make it through.

How to get through it:  WORK, WORK, WORK!  Now that you’re out of the fog get some stuff done around the office to pass the time quickly.  If you have trouble organizing your tasks or remembering what to do, make a to-do list.  If you can create or jump into a project you love – DO IT!

Coming up next week:  Friday

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