Surviving Dinner: A Month of Meals, Week 1

surviving-dinnerAMOM copyIt’s easy to get into a rut with our family’s meals.  For four weeks I am posting my menu, links to the recipes I use, and hopefully giving you some fresh, new ideas for your kitchen.  These are recipes my family has loved over and over, and I hope they give you some inspiration to try some new things with your family!

Learn more about how this series came to be and what to expect!

Saturday:  black bean soup & quesadillas

Sunday:  grilled marinated chicken (store bought Asian marinade), fried rice, and (frozen) egg rolls

Monday:  tacos made with crockpot salsa chicken

Tuesday:  grilled sausage, roasted asparagus, and oven-roasted red potatoes (potatoes are cut into eighths, tossed with olive oil & creole seasoning, and roasted at 400 degrees for 40 minutes, stirring once halfway through)

Wednesday:  BBQ turkey meatballs (I make this meatloaf recipe into meatballs and omit the bacon), mashed potatoes, salad

Thursday:  zucchini turkey burgers, no side.  I was tired!

Friday:  orange chicken (frozen from Trader Joe’s), rice, steamed broccoli  Fridays are pretty casual in our house.  Usually either take-out or something requiring little to no effort.  Because it’s the weekend!

Now here’s the seriously painful news.  I went WAY over budget this week, which can be blamed on a Costco run.  The total for the week?  $200.  Ouch.


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