Surviving Dinner: A Month of Meals, Week 2

surviving-dinnerAMOM copyIt’s easy to get into a rut with our family’s meals.  For four weeks I am posting my menu, links to the recipes I use, and hopefully giving you some fresh, new ideas for your kitchen.  These are recipes my family has loved over and over, and I hope they give you some inspiration to try some new things with your family!

Learn more about how this series came to be and what to expect!

This week was a busy one so I only actually cooked 4 times.  No complaints here!

Saturday:  family pajama party = homemade pizza night!

Sunday:  This was Superbowl Sunday so we snacked our way through dinner.  GO HAWKS!!!

Monday:  chicken tenderloins in garlic white wine sauce (recipe made without the mushrooms), cauliflower puree, and roasted asparagus

Tuesday:  Greek meatballs (mixed the ingredients from this recipe + bread & milk panade, formed into meatballs and cooked at 500 for 20 minutes), quinoa with pesto, cucumbers, and creamy feta dressing (used feta instead of blue cheese in this recipe)

Wednesday:  Lifegroup – we rotate dinner duty and it wasn’t my turn to cook.  A night off!

Thursday:  potatoes cut into wedges, roasted, and topped with turkey taco meat & fixin’s

Friday:  Mama’s night out with the girls, so the rest of the family had stuff from around the house

Under budget – $125 for the week which included a box of disposable diapers.

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