All Mom Does


Three years ago I started this blog.  In fact, my anniversary was just last week!  I started it for a number of reasons, but one of the reasons was to give me an outlet to help me recover my identity after entering motherhood.  Along the way I discovered that I enjoyed writing, the practice of reflection gave me better perspective and helped me become a better mother, and eventually it grew into a dream.

Now it’s grown into another opportunity!

The local radio station SPIRIT 105.3 has created a new website feature just for moms, AllMomDoes.  We’re all on this parenting journey together and, though some are further along the path than others, we can support and encourage each other and we ALL have things to learn from one another.  I’m so excited to announce that I am a part of this project!

I’ll be blogging over there on Tuesdays, and might pop up here and there on other days, too.  But I want you to know.  This site is for you.  We want your voice, we want your feedback, and we want to know what content you want to hear about.

So go ahead, head on over to AllMomDoes to check it out, meet the other moms, and see what we’re all about!  Leave a comment to join the conversation and give us your take on the subject.  Tell us what you want to see, and how we can make this site meaningful for you.  And make sure to “like” us on Facebook so you don’t miss a thing!



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