Research Round-Up


I’ve got news for you. No matter what you’re doing you’re ruining yourself, your marriage, and your kids. Check this out!

Working Mom:

Your kids will have behavior problems (NY Times)

Your kids will be overweight (US News and World Report)

Your kids will be at risk for lower educational attainment, unemployment, and mental health problems (Daily Mail)

You’re more likely to feel rushed and stressed (Pew Research)

Your child will experience more health problems (North Carolina State University)

You and your spouse will have less physical intimacy. *I totally read an actual, research-based article on this once but forgive me for not wanting to google this in order to find a source. I’m a little afraid of the search results.

Your kids will be prone to acting out and non-compliance, particularly if you have a boy (Economic & Social Research Council)


Stay-At-Home Mom:

Your kids won’t do as well in school (National Bureau of Economic Research)

Your children will be less independent and peer-oriented (NY Times)

You will be more depressed, sad, and angry (Gallup)

You are at a higher risk for divorce and may be less satisfied in your marriage (NY Times)

You’ll have less energy and decreased physical and mental health (Medical News Today)

Your kids will be at a disadvantage socially and emotionally (The Guardian)

Your kids will be prone to acting out and non-compliance, particularly if you have a girl (Economic & Social Research Council)


I didn’t make this list to give anyone guilt about their choices. As moms, we all have enough of that anyway. I did it to demonstrate how completely impossible it is to do everything right and also how ridiculous all this research is. For every positive, there’s a negative.

There will always be something you’re doing wrong; something you could be doing better.

So, there you go. You’re doing it wrong. But you’re also doing it right – congratulations!


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