31 Days of Working Motherhood {Instagram Project}

working motherhood

Have you ever done a Google Image search for “working mom?”  If you get a spare minute, do it.  See what you find.

*spoiler alert*

You’ll find two types of pictures.

  1. The woman in the power suit talking on the phone and working on her computer while balancing a baby on her hip.
  2. The woman who looks completely frazzled, is being pulled in a million different directions, and whose house is in chaos.

Where are the pictures of the woman who enjoys her family when she’s at home, works when she’s at work, and has figured out how to maintain a balance between the two that works for her?  The woman whose life isn’t perfect, but she’s embracing contentment?

Starting tomorrow I’m launching an Instagram project to work on changing that – 31 Days of Working Motherhood.  For the month of May I’ll be posting a daily picture that depicts life as a working mom.  Some days will be about work, some days might be tips, and some days will just be about life.  Because that’s what working motherhood is – it’s life.  It’s not a mysteriously ethereal state of being we’re trying to achieve.  It’s just the reality of the day to day and how we make it work.

Some days might look like this.

{sparkles & lace}
{sparkles & lace}

Or this.


Just this.


Or even this.


So follow along with this project – and if you’ve got pics of your own you’d like to share, post them with the hashtag #31DaysWM.  I can’t wait to see what working motherhood looks like!

Besides…you know…the power suits, unruly hair, and crazy multitasking.

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