What To Do When The Grass Looks Greener


grass is greener

We’ve all had those days.

The days when we wish more than anything that we weren’t working.

Those days most often {but not exclusively} coincide with nights of non-sleeping children, weeks of hectic schedules, bathrooms with overflowing laundry baskets, and a string of a few too many convenience meals that we’re not terribly proud of.

We feel like things are slipping, getting out of control, and we’re not doing anything well.  Something’s gotta give, and if only life were easier then we’d have it all together.

And what do we blame?  We blame work.

It’s an easy target, really.  The laundry won’t do itself.  We can’t hire a chef to feed our family.  And we can’t wish our children away.

So the one thing we feel like is causing our failure at home is all the time we spend away from it – at work.  If we were home more, we’d have things together.

But is that really the case?  Is the grass really greener?

In those moments, instead of giving in to the pity party that will lead to nowhere that is healthy, take the time to think.  What is really the source of your discontentment?  Do you really want to not be in the workforce at all?  Realistically, what would your life look like?  Will you be a better mother?  A better wife?  More fulfilled?  Using your gifts?

If the answer is that you really, really want to be home, see if you can work towards that goal.

But if you’re like me, the answer isn’t quite that clear.

I’ll be honest.  A part-time schedule would be perfection.  But a no-time schedule would be disaster.  I wouldn’t be rested every day, find time to exercise, and I’d still struggle with time management.  My problems would follow me home.

So I try to dig a little deeper and figure out how I can address some of those smaller problems.  I’ll use my lunch hour for errands, get back on the meal-planning wagon or say no to things that want to eat up time on the calendar.  I’ll find ways to find balance and foster contentment in what I’ve been given now.

Because contentment isn’t something you achieve tomorrow when your life is better.  It’s learning how to love it today – even when it’s not.


2 thoughts on “What To Do When The Grass Looks Greener

  1. Thank you for this post! This is just what I needed today. I am looking forward to reading more on your blog,and figuring out whether or not the grass is really greener. I must admit I was nervous but excited to go back to work after maternity leave with my second. After a few months back though I am mostly just stressed out. I am working on figuring out my next steps. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

    1. I’m glad you found what you’ve needed! That ridiculous greener grass…I’m currently preparing to cut down to part time (which has been my dream FOREVER) and now that it’s happening I’m all “what if I’m making a huge mistake?” I wish I could turn off that little voice!

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